Music Industry Related Associations or Collecting Societies:


Hong Kong:

  IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Limited

  Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Limited



  [Argentina] CAPIF Argentina
  [Australia] PPCA Australia
  [Canada] Music Canada
  [Denmark] GRAMEX Denmark
  [Finland] GRAMEX Finland
  [France] SCPP France
  [Germany] GVL Germany
  [India] PPL India
  [Ireland] PPI Ireland
  [Japan] RIAJ
  [Korean] RIAK
  [Malaysia] PPM Malaysia
  [Netherlands] SENA Netherlands
  [New Zealand] RIANZ New Zealand
  [Norway] GRAMO Norway
  [Poland] ZPAV Poland
  [Singapore] RIPS Singapore
  [Sweden] IFPI Sweden
  [Taiwan] ARCO
  [Thailand] MPC
  [United Kingdom] IFPI
  [United Kingdom] PPL UK


Other Copyright information can also be accessed through the website of the following Government Departments:

Intellectual Property Department

Commerce and Industry Branch of the Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau


The above is not the exhaustive list.